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» » To Boldly Flee

To Boldly Flee

To Boldly Flee (original title)


  • 7,5
To Boldly Flee

After discovering a mysterious entity that is located near the planet and attempting to spread the word, The Nostalgia Critic is placed under house arrest by the government in order to maintain their secret.

Year: 2012

Translation available: yes

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Sci-Fi / Fantasy – Other





Doug Walker

The Nostalgia Critic / General Zod / Chester A. Bum / Ask That Guy With the Glasses / Soldier / Ships WI system (voice) / Weapons WI system (voice) / Himself - Writer

Lindsay Ellis

The Nostalgia Chick

Lewis Lovhaug

Linkara / Mechakara

Noah Antwiler

The Spoony One / Terl / Dr. Insano

Brad Jones

Cinema Snob

Todd Nathanson

Todd in the Shadows

Joe Vargas

Angry Joe

Mathew Buck

Film Brain


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