A Woman's Face

A Woman's Face (1941)

George Cukor
Victor Saville
Donald Ogden Stewart, Elliot Paul
Joan Crawford, Melvyn Douglas, Conrad Veidt, Osa Massen, Reginald Owen, Albert Bassermann, Marjorie Main, Donald Meek, Connie Gilchrist, Richard Nichols, Charles Quigley, Gwili Andre, Clifford Brooke, George Zucco, Henry Kolker, ... Show all

Movie plot

A female blackmailer with a disfiguring facial scar meets a plastic surgeon who offers her the possibility of looking like a normal woman.

Quels sont les thèmes abordés dans le film A Woman's Face?

A Woman's Face is a movie about Deformities, Disfigurements, Mutilations, Plastic Surgery.


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