Anabolyzer (2000)

Roger A. Fratter
Roger A. Fratter
Samantha Jameson, Carlo Girelli, Irene Giordano, Mike Hudson, Alice Andreis, Belinda Sherman, Brandon Wilde, Mara Leoni, Giuseppe Cardella, Mitia Gomarasca, Carmen Ventura, Cinzia Serati, Davide Coco, Valerie Bonnot, Jos Pepy, ... Show all

Movie plot

A gymnasium, a country town unhealthy like most of the people who live there... and terrible sex crimes. While everyone minds his own business a dangerous maniac kills all the women who unluckily meet with him.

Quels sont les thèmes abordés dans le film Anabolyzer?

Anabolyzer is a movie about Body-Building, Doping, Splatter.


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