Appaloosa (2008)

Ed Harris
Ed Harris, Robert Knott
Ed Harris, Robert Knott, Ginger Sledge
Viggo Mortensen, Ed Harris, Renée Zellweger, Jeremy Irons, Timothy Spall, Lance Henriksen, Timothy V. Murphy, Robert Jauregui, Luce Rains, Gabriel Marantz, Cerris Morgan-Moyer, James Gammon, Tom Bower, Ariadna Gil, Freddie Hice

Movie plot

Two friends hired to police a small town that is suffering under the rule of a rancher find their job complicated by the arrival of a young widow.

What is the movie Appaloosa about?

Appaloosa is a movie about Crime and Deviance, Kidnappings, Abductions, Disappearances.

User review

Western: sceriffo e vicesceriffo combattono la dittatura del rancher della città, il quale attuerà una vendetta con rapimento della ragazza di turno

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