Challenge to White Fang

Challenge to White Fang (1974)

Original title:
Il ritorno di Zanna Bianca
Lucio Fulci
Harry Alan Towers
Lucio Fulci, Alberto Silvestri, Roberto Gianviti, Alberto Silvestri
Franco Nero, Virna Lisi, Harry Carey, Jr., Raimund Harmstorf, Hannelore Elsner, Werner Pochath, John Steiner, Donald O'Brien, Missaele

Movie plot

Sequel to Lucio Fulci's first 'White Fang' has the wolf-dog once again trying to stop the villainous Beauty Smith from claiming a recently discovered gold mine in 1899 Yukon, Canada.

What is the movie Challenge to White Fang about?

Challenge to White Fang is a movie about Dogs, Wolves.


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