A boatswain finds himself stranded on an island. Though surrounded by starving, and poor islanders, the boatswain soon learns that the misery is not caused by the people themselves, but rather by a pack of blood-thirsty pirates.

When John is released from a psychiatric center where he has been hospitalized for a long time, he decides to move into the house of his dead mother, whose inheritance is in dispute.

John Thornton, is a fearless man who's after more than gold; he wants to do what's right. Thornton works for the U.S. mail and is the only person daring and smart enough to figure out how to travel the deadly 600 miles from Skagway to Dawson, Alaska in the icy winter.

The British High Command finds itself in the thick of a huge dilemma when it is realized that they have long been infiltrated by spies from a German intelligence group.

Three veterans of the Spanish Civil War go rabbit hunting. While doing so, old wounds open up.

Octavio secretly sent his consul Curridio to Alexandria in a final attempt to reach peace. In the city, he meets Berenice, a mysterious and beautiful dancer who falls in love.

Tona, model of a fashion house goes to see her ex-boyfriend to claim for some letters and finds him dead.

The troubled story of the Churruca family, a noble lineage of brave seamen, descendants of Cosme Damián Churruca, the Spanish hero of the Battle of Trafalgar; from the Spanish-American War (1898) to the end of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39).

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