A thief and a priest end up magically transported in the year 0's Palestine, where they'll have to make sure that the Nativity will follow its course.

In the present day, three friends to make ends meet invent a "criminal tour" for the places which were scenes of the Banda della Magliana criminal acts, even with vintage clothes.

When six elementary school students suspect their missing teacher is Befana, a Christmas witch who delivers presents to good children, they set off on a magical journey to save her.

Benito Mussolini resurfaces in Rome 72 years after his death, as if not a single day had passed. Finding a country still full of problems, both old and new, his firebrand rhetoric wins him once again the hearts and minds of millions of Italians — who see him as a wacky reenactor who speaks inconvenient truths to power.

A small Sicilian town elects a new, honest major but quickly learns that playing by the rules is not as easy as it seems.

Daisy and Viola are siamese twin sisters on the verge of turning 18 living in the suburbs of Naples. They are blessed with beautiful voices and thanks to their performances at weddings, communions and baptisms, they get the livelihood for the whole family.

After coming in contact with radioactive waste, small-time crook Enzo Ceccotti gains super-strength. A misanthropic, introverted brute, he uses his new powers for personal gain until he meets Alessia, a mentally ill girl who believes Enzo is the hero from her favorite anime Steel Jeeg.

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