Army colonel Gabriele Moresco and twelve of his soldiers occupy a hospital in Sicily, Italy, taking every patient and doctor as hostages and giving an ultimatum to the government: if they won't admit their role in hiding proof of the use of depleted uranium in the Balkan Wars and the subsequent countless cases of cancer among Italian soldiers in 56 hours, all the hostages will be killed.

A gymnasium, a country town unhealthy like most of the people who live there... and terrible sex crimes. While everyone minds his own business a dangerous maniac kills all the women who unluckily meet with him.

The detective Silvestri has a zealous wife, a child on the way and a double murder to be solved in a livid Rome selling drugs and consuming lives.

Dj Steph is a young radio deejay on the rise, who gained a lot of popularity on social media and every evening hosts a radio show with a large following, during which he receives calls from his fans.

The life and times of Pippo Fava, a Sicilian journalist who fought the Mafia through his local newspaper in the '70s and early '80s, meeting an untimely end.

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