The Russian magnate Ivanov dreams about having The Popcorn, his favorite Italian musical band from the 80s in Saint Petersburg.

In a respectable suburb made up of row houses, Luca Attorre — a freelance journalist who struggles to get his features published in the papers — is unable to maintain Susi, a ballerina reduced to teaching dance to overweight women, and Lucilla, their quiet and imaginative six-year- old daughter who suffers from severe bronchial asthma.

An extended family reunites after a long time to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of their grandparents on an idyllic island.

A very extended family gathers for the Christmas holidays, after the death of the breadwinner Leonardo Sereni, famous singer. The eldest son Julius, with his wife Marina, has a panettone factory.

The training trip of 4 "special" boys, one narcoleptic, one internet-dependent, one suffering from Tourette's Syndrome and one obsessed with hygiene towards self-affirmation and acceptance of one's differences.

Carlo, on vacation in South Africa with his second wife Susanna meets her younger brother Giorgio.

The story of some Italians at Beverly Hills during the Christmas holiday.

Fabio is in love with his colleague Linda, but she has never even seen him until he's mistaken for her boyfriend.

25-year-old philosophy major Marta faces the ugly truth for many young Italians — a complete lack of career opportunities. While babysitting for single mother Sonia, she starts to work as a telemarketer, quickly rising through the ranks of the company, but experiencing first-hand the fanatical and exploitative rat-race culture pushed on employees.

During the holidays of Christmas, three groups of funny characters depart from Italy to spend the Christmas season in New York City.

In Christmastime Miami, heartbroken divorcée Giorgio invites himself to stay at his best friend Mario's — unaware that the latter is having an affair with his ex-wife — and ends up pursued by Mario's barely-of-age daughter; nosy and out-of-touch Ranuccio crashes his son's sex-themed holidays before ending up in a series of mishaps with Giorgio.

In 1930s fascist Italy, adolescent Luca just lost his mother. His father, a callous businessman, sends him to be taken care of by British expatriate Mary Wallace.

After the liberation of Auschwitz, an Italian prisoner of War begins a torturous voyage home to Turin, through a Europe caught between war and peace.

June 1944. In the newly liberated Rome, Roberto Rossellini and Sergio Amidei decide, against all odds, to make an unprecedented, true-to-life film on the tragic events that occurred during the Nazi occupation: Rome, Open City .

Four homosexual men in their 40s have issues and no small degree of self hatred. Yet, can laugh at themselves and their comrades and often do.

A recently laid off steel mill worker in a little seaside town starts losing his wife to a local TV anchor.

Struggling with a financial crisis, a good-looking widow decides to put herself up for grabs. However, going through with it becomes almost impossible with a new love and the legal system thrown into the mix.

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