The tale of an individualist proletarian in a time marked by the rise of mass political movements. In early 20th-century Italy, illiterate sailor Martin Eden seeks fame as a writer while torn between the love of a bourgeois girl and allegiance to his social class.

The owner of a dilapidated B&B has an idea: in order to dodge bankruptcy, he has to turn his business into a place of worship—a tax-free activity, where he'll host pilgrims in exchange for a generous donation.

High school professor Guido is a hopeless romantic whose life falls apart after his girlfriend leaves him for another man.

Five down-on-their luck strangers meet by chance while looking at a property in the country none of them are able to afford.

Fired from his HR job in the big city, Fulvio returns home and sees a leaky pipe in his brother's church as the way to save the crumbling town.

Based on a real Italian crime boss and family, their 40-year saga, as seen through their eyes, reflects the history, beauty, and strife of Naples.

When her social-climbing father is relocated from small-town North to his native Rome, 12-year-old Caterina enrolls to his old school, finding herself at sea with an environment where students sort themselves by social class and their parents' political affiliation.

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