A group of desperate men, unsatisfied by their lives, decides to attempt a heist to a postal armored truck guard.

Peppino, a provincial librarian who became the accidental President of Italy, is now a father and has returned to a peaceful, happy life as a woodsman.

Simone, a clumsy financier, falls in love with Claudia, who’s living on her grandma’s retirement checks. When the old lady dies Claudia hides the body in a freezer, and sets up a fraud with the help of some friends to avoid bankruptcy.

Benito Mussolini resurfaces in Rome 72 years after his death, as if not a single day had passed. Finding a country still full of problems, both old and new, his firebrand rhetoric wins him once again the hearts and minds of millions of Italians — who see him as a wacky reenactor who speaks inconvenient truths to power.

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