The last years of Bettino Craxi, one of the most important and controversial italian leader of the 1980's.

The story of an encounter between a bourgeois man and a poor woman, because their teenage children fall in love.

The destinies of two families are irrevocably tied together after a cyclist is hit off the road by a jeep in the night before Christmas Eve.

How will the Germans react to the armistice of the 8th of September 1943, due to which Italy betrays them and sides with the allied forces?

A middle-class Italian family is tore apart when the father meets an old flame, the mother—a frustrated onetime actress—auditions for a play, their insecure son tries to make friends through drugs, and their underaged daughter—who has already figured out how to use sex to her advantage—does what she does best to appear on TV.

Cesare Botero, an ambitious and corrupt young minister, hires a new spokesman, honest and polite high school professor Luciano Sandulli.

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