According to Interpol, over ten thousand refugees of minors without parental care are wandering today in Europe, half of which are on Italian roads.

Two families meet for a marriage that neither want, and things take a turn when the respective patriarchs fall in love.

Beatrice Morandini Valdirana, sedicente contessa, è logorroica e instabile. Donatella Morelli, fragile e silenziosa, sembra nascondere un doloroso passato. Nell'istituto per malati mentali che le ospita, le due donne stringeranno un'improbabile amicizia...

In the wake of their parent's separation, three siblings spend the summer in the south of France with their estranged Grandfather.

A pair of teen friends – known as "Chicken & Curry" because they are virtually inseparable – fail their high school finals and try to cover it by claiming that Curry is in the midst of an identity crisis that can only be solved by a visit to his ancestral homeland, India.

Palermo, Sicily, 1984. Examining magistrate Giovanni Falcone allies with Tomasso Buscetta, a former mobster, to defeat the clan of Corleone, the ruthless Mafia faction that rules Cosa Nostra with an iron hand, cruelly eliminating all those who dare to oppose its immense power: other criminals, policemen, judges, even innocent civilians.

When Pharaoh Rameses II begins to tighten the noose on his Jewish slaves, Israelite Moses, called upon by God, leads his people to freedom.

In a high school in the outskirts of Rome, it's the last day before the summer holidays. A literature teacher reminisces the past year and wonders what will become of the students he cared for as if they were his children.

One man must learn the meaning of courage across four lifetimes centuries apart.

An epileptic 12-year-old girl, Pippi, is hospitalized in the psychiatric ward instead of the neurological ward, due to an administration error.

Mr. Rorret is the owner of a cinema called "The Peeping Tom" which shows a constant stream of horror films.

Bob Crane has long maintained a psychic connection to his twin sister, Jessica, who works as a fashion model in Milan.

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