Antonio Gramsci, sentenced to twenty years in prison by the fascist tribunals, relives the stages of his political career and private life.

A semi-fictional account on the fatidic September 11, 1973, when the military commanded by General Pinochet took over the power from socialist president Salvador Allende, initiating a dictatorship that lasted until 1988 causing the deaths and disappearances of many people.

The story of two anarchists who were charged and unfairly tried for murder when it was really for their political convictions.

The story of the Cervi family. Rural farmers brought up to be idealogically opposed to fascism during the era of Mussolini's rule of Italy and World War 2.

Professor James Anders is a seemingly mild-mannered teacher, an American working in Rio De Janeiro. Anders, bored with years of teaching, decides to put together a team to pull off a diamond heist during the Rio Carnival.

La storia ruota attorno ad un gruppo di cinque giovani uomini tra i 20 ed i 30 anni nella piccola cittadina di Rimini tra la bella vita dell'Italia ricostruita, luci notturne, donne, vacanze, automobili.

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