Elisa is only forty when an incurable disease takes her from her husband and their daughter. Before her heart stops, Elisa finds a way to stay close to her: a gift for every birthday up to her adult age, 18 gifts to try to accompany her child's growth year after year.

An aspiring actor discovers that his spacious new apartment comes complete with eight friendly ghosts.

Adrian is a talented young sculptor eager to assert himself in the art world. His first exhibition in the Capital catches Gloria's eye.

A look at the lives of Carlo, Giulia, and their friends some 10 years after the events of L'Ultimo bacio.

An Italian doctor starts a new life in Kenya to escape the city, but life catches up with him when an old friend offers his assistance along with his wife, who happens to be an old lover.

A biopic of Franco Basaglia, the Italian psychiatrist.

Inspired by the work of Italian underground comic book prodigy Andrea Pazienza, Paz! is a 24-hour slice of life of a bunch of students living in a flat in Bologna during the 70's, divided between marjuana, university, girls and political activism.

Here, the steel worker works on a continuous cycle, twenty-four hours a day and never stops. There, by the sea, on the island of Elba there is a paradise and the unreachable dream of happy families.

Antonio Moscati è sposato con Aurora, una donna dolce ma tutta d'un pezzo. La vita di Antonio sembra votata alla più totale monotonia, ma quando un giorno dimentica un tiramisù preparato dalla moglie nello studio di un medico, la sua vita finirà per cambiare...

Francesco is a psychoanalyst grappling with three hopeless causes: a bookseller in love with a book thief, a lesbian hell-bent on becoming straight after a heartbreak, and an 18-year-old in a relationship with a much older married man.

It's 1348. The plague has brutally hit Florence. A group of then young people, seven women and three men, rebel against the feeling of death that is about to swallow them.

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