Chronicle of the dark maneuvers put into practice by a politician to seize an opposition newspaper. A Lebanese terrorist receives the order to kill a stockbroker, which triggers a series of blackmail and deception.

In un monastero buddista dove cerca la pace spirituale, Rambo apprende che il suo ex colonnello è stato catturato dai sovietici in Afghanistan.

An executive in charge of a nuclear power plant in the Mid-East must stop his son-- who turns out to be the Anti Christ -- from blowing it up.

Puglia, southern Italy, around 1400. A convent is invaded by the Tarantula cult, whose fanatical and crazed members desecrate the sacred place by committing obscene and bloody acts.

The real story of the partisan Silvio Corbari (Giuliano Gemma). Silvio forms a band of partisans in Northern Italy, completely independent from the Italian organized resistance (CLN).

Political activist Salvatore returns to his native Sicily and stirs up trouble among the peasants, urging them to confront the Mafia and demand the right to plough their own fields.

When a impoverished widow’s family moves to the big city, two of her five sons become romantic rivals with deadly results.

Messalina was the Roman noblewoman who inveigled ageing emperor Claudio into marriage. Once ensconced on the throne, Messalina launched a reign of terror that shook the empire to its very foundations.

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