Cetto la Qualunque, having set aside all political ambition, is now nothing more than an entrepreneur. But the news of the worsening condition of his aunt leads him to return to Italy, where something from his past will be revealed and, “doubtlessly,” all of our lives will be forever changed.

A 22 year-old Bangladeshi-Italian Muslim boy meets a beautiful, exciting Italian girl who makes him re-analyze his beliefs and culture.

From the letter of a small admirer, to the desire to understand who is actually this fan who writes the same things, for twenty years, to more recipients.

Mario Cavallaro is 50 and lives in the same district of always in Milano and fears changes until arrives Oba, a Senegalese seller of socks so he decides to kidnap Oba and take him back to Senegal.

A 27-year-old suburban slacker entertains daily conversations bordering on paradoxical with his conscience, which manifests itself in the form of a human-sized armadillo.

Has been an year since Pietro Zinni's gang got caught in the Sopox production laboratory and each of them locked up in different jails.

Claudia and Flavio were once passionately in love, but all of that is over. Now, in their fifties, they must venture anew into the world of love and dating once more but for Claudia confronting the end and accepting a new beginning isn’t so easy.

Eli has four children, an unemployed husband and a job with an almost impossible commute. Vale is single and makes ends meet by working in clubs as a dancer.

Pietro Zinni is asked by the police to revive the old gang to create a task force that will stop the spread of smart drugs.

Judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino would eventually fall at the hands of Italy’s Cosa Nostra in 1992. However, before that, in 1985, they were preparing for the ‘Mafia Maxi Trial’ when a tip-off of a planned attack against their families sees them taken to an island in Sardinia to wait out the threat.

Giulia De Martino is a pilot. At seventeen she participates in the GT Championship, under the guidance of her father Mario.

A university researcher is fired because of the cuts to university. To earn a living he decides to produce drugs recruiting his former colleagues, who despite their skills are living at the margins of society.

The life of a working-class boy in Rome through the '70s and '80s, choosing his own path with his lifetimes friends and family.

Thirty years after the disappearance of her father, a university professor who was targeted by radicals in the '70s, a woman discovers a way to communicate with her past self and tries to prevent the tragedy that marred the life of her family, but she learns that not everything was as she thought.

Cetto and its city council were arrested, but in prison the conspiratorial former mayor makes no earning name as the gratitude of the powerful secretary.

A dark comedy centering on the lives of a Neapolitan based family whose father, a fish merchant, is so infatuated with the reality TV show "Grande Fratello" (the Italian version of "Big Brother") he starts living his life as if he were on it.

On July 19–21, 2001, over 200,000 people took to the streets of Genoa to protest against the ongoing G8 summit.

An aspiring actor discovers that his spacious new apartment comes complete with eight friendly ghosts.

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