Flavia the Heretic

Flavia the Heretic (1974)

Original title:
Flavia, la monaca musulmana
Gianfranco Mingozzi
Gianfranco Mingozzi, Fabrizio Onofri, Sergio Tau, Bruno Di Geronimo
Gianfranco Mingozzi
Florinda Bolkan, María Casares, Claudio Cassinelli, Anthony Higgins, Spiros Focás, Diego Michelotti, Raika Juri, Jill Pratt, Franca Grey, Laura De Marchi, Eduardo Filipone, Ciro Ippolito, Carla Mancini, Luigi Antonio Guerra, Giuseppe Pertile, ... Show all

Movie plot

Puglia, southern Italy, around 1400. A convent is invaded by the Tarantula cult, whose fanatical and crazed members desecrate the sacred place by committing obscene and bloody acts.

What is the movie Flavia the Heretic about?

Flavia the Heretic is a movie about Nuns, Late Middle Ages.


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