Million Dollar Legs

Year: 1932

Translation available: yes


  • 7,5

A small country on the verge of bankruptcy is persuaded to enter the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics as a means of raising money.

Genres: comedy

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Running, Track & Fields




Film director

Edward F. Cline

Film producer

Herman J. Mankiewicz




Jack Oakie

Migg Tweeny

W.C. Fields

The President

Ben Turpin

Mysterious Man

Lyda Roberti

Mata Machree

Susan Fleming


George Barbier

Mr. Baldwin

Andy Clyde

The Major-Domo

Hugh Herbert

Dickie Moore

Willie - Angela's Brother

Billy Gilbert

Secretary of the Interior

Ernie Adams

Klopstokian Athlete (uncredited)

Samuel Adams

Secretary of State (uncredited)

Irving Bacon

Secretary of War (uncredited)

Eddie Baker

Train Official (uncredited)

Bruce Bennett

Klopstokian Athlete (uncredited)

Hobart Bosworth

Olympics Starter (uncredited)

Al Bridge

Secret Emissary #3 (uncredited)

Tyler Brooke

Olympics Announcer (uncredited)

Chick Collins

The Jumper (uncredited)

Heinie Conklin

Secret Emissary #2 (uncredited)

Edgar Dearing

Train Official (uncredited)

Vernon Dent

Secretary of Agriculture (uncredited)

Bobby Dunn

Klopstokian Athlete (uncredited)

Eddie Dunn

Coachman / Guard (uncredited)

Billy Engle

Klopstokian Athlete (uncredited)

Herbert Evans

Mata's Butler (uncredited)

Charlie Hall

Klopstokian Athlete (uncredited)

Teddy Hart

Secretary of the Navy (uncredited)

Lew Kelly

Train Conductor (uncredited)

Charles R. Moore

Porter (uncredited)

Syd Saylor

Olympics Weight Lifting Offical (uncredited)

John Sinclair

Secretary of Labor (uncredited)

Ted Stanhope

Secret Emissary #1 (uncredited)

Ben Taggart

Ship's Captain (uncredited)

Dale Van Sickel

Klopstokian Athlete on Train (uncredited)

John Sinclair

Secretary of Labor (uncredited)

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