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Murder Collection V.1


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Murder Collection V.1

Year: 2009

Translation available: yes

An anonymous web presenter offers up a collection of death themed segments presented in a shockumentary style a la Faces of Death.

Genres: horror

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Film director

Fred Vogel

Film producer

Shelby Vogel

Film producer


Film producer

Jerami Cruise

Film producer

Robert Lucas




Daniel V. Klein

Father (segment "Bludgeoning")

Damien A. Maruscak

Son (segment "Bludgeoning")

Sonny L. Shannon

The Manager (segment "The Heist")

Matthew Plutko

The Cook (segment "The Heist")

Shelby Vogel

The Tender (segment "The Heist") / Lyn (segment "S&G")

Sean L. Joyce

The Sprinter (segment "The Heist")

Rebecca Tronzo

Topaz (segment "The Heist")

Eric Schwartbauer

Leon (segment "The Heist")


Madam Green (segment "The Heist")

Don Moore

G.A. Moore (segment "The Heist")

Aymee Peake

April (segment "The Heist") / Jill (segment "Execution")

Chris Krzysik

The Barback (segment "The Heist")

Mike Driscoll

The Gent (segment "The Heist")

Michael Pacinda

PKC (segment "The Heist")

Anthony Matthews

PKC (segment "The Heist") / Anthony (segment "S&G")

Fred Vogel

PKC (segment "The Heist") / Black (segment "Execution")

Jerami Cruise

PKC (segment "The Heist") / The Executioner (segment "Execution")

Jason Schneeberger

Greg (segment "The Cheat")

Lexi Jade

The Adulteress (segment "The Cheat")

Scott Burke

The Adulterer (segment "The Cheat")

Jason Kollat

Michael (segment "S&G")

Jim Kollat

Jim (segment "S&G)

Tom Smith

Broadway Rob (segment "Broadway Rob")

Steve Schofield

Shawn (segment "Broadway Rob")

Tim Schofield

Ben (segment "Broadway Rob")

John Viss

Chuck (segment "Execution")

John Ross

The Handler (segment "Execution")

Will Guffey

Smith (segment "Execution")

Don Moore

The Banker (segment "ATM")

Douglas Bell

Ace (segment "ATM")

Dorian K. Arnold

The Doctor (segment "Autopsy")

Adrian Alexander D'Amico

Cope (segment "Bullied")

Dave Dalessandro

Jake (segment "Bullied")

Michael Witherel

Castle (segment "Bullied")

Jay Mattingly

Gromer (segment "Bullied")

Stephen Vogel

Eddie the Rat (segment "Homecoming")

Kai Peter

Zack (segment "Homecoming")

Jason Spence

Hudson (segment "Homecoming")

Harvey Daniels

Jovan (segment "Ransom")

Claude Marrow

Sidel (segment "Ransom")

Clint Brown

Deron (segment "Ransom")

Lacey Fleming

Ginnifer Mitchell (segment "Ransom")

Mary Shore

The Victim (segment "Opening Credits")

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