Red Gold

Red Gold (1978)

Original title:
Oro rojo
Alberto Vázquez Figueroa
Alberto Vázquez Figueroa
Carlos Vasallo
José Sacristán, Isela Vega, Hugo Stiglitz, Jorge Luque, Patricia Adriani, Terele Pávez, Eduardo Bea, Carlos Ballesteros, Fernando Baeza, Alejandro de Enciso, Antonio Gamero, José Manuel Martín, Joaquín Pamplona, José Yepes, Antonio Passy, ... Show all

Movie plot

A boatswain finds himself stranded on an island. Though surrounded by starving, and poor islanders, the boatswain soon learns that the misery is not caused by the people themselves, but rather by a pack of blood-thirsty pirates.

What is the movie Red Gold about?

Red Gold is a movie about Pirates.

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