Soccer Days

Soccer Days (2003)

Original title:
Días de fútbol
David Serrano
David Serrano
Ghislain Barrois, Mohamed Khashoggi
Ernesto Alterio, Alberto San Juan, Natalia Verbeke, María Esteve, Fernando Tejero, Pere Ponce, Nathalie Poza, Secun de la Rosa, Roberto Álamo, Luis Bermejo, Pilar Castro, Diego París, Diego Martín, Andrés Lima, Lola Dueñas, ... Show all

Movie plot

A comedic romp that celebrates the power of friendship to turn your life around, Dias de Futbol introduces us to Antonio, an ex-convict and amateur shrink who convinces his pals that the best way to overcome their midlife crises and lack of success with women is to reassemble their old soccer team and win something in life, even if only a local championship.

What is the movie Soccer Days about?

Soccer Days is a movie about Football / Soccer, Friendship, Midlife Crisis.


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