The Battle of the Mods

The Battle of the Mods (1966)

Original title:
La battaglia dei Mods
Franco Montemurro
Adriano Bolzoni, Ennio De Concini, Michael A. Schreiber
Turi Vasile, Luggi Waldleitner
Ricky Shayne, Joachim Fuchsberger, Elga Andersen, Eleonora Brown, Rudolf Lenz, Donovan, Donovan Leitch, Udo Jürgens, Hans Elwenspoek, Orchidea de Santis, Jürgen Draeger, Solvi Stübing, Loris Bazzocchi, Christian Brückner, Omero Capanna, ... Show all

Movie plot

In Liverpool there's a gang war between the Mods (who dress in the latest fashions and styles) and the Rockers (who are more into the '50s "greaser" look).

What is the movie The Battle of the Mods about?

The Battle of the Mods is a movie about Mods.

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