The Soldier

Year: 1982

Translation available: yes


  • 5,5

Terrorists take over a plutonium bomb and threaten to detonate it in a Saudi Arabian oil field. A special anti-terrorist unit is sent in to stop them.

Genres: action

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Cold War

Nuclear Danger





Film director

James Glickenhaus

Film producer

James Glickenhaus




Ken Wahl

The Soldier

Alberta Watson

Susan Goodman

Joaquim de Almeida

The Soldier's Force

Klaus Kinski


Jeremiah Sullivan


William Prince

The President

Peter Hooten

Steve James

Alexander Spencer

Soldier's Force

Bill Anagnos

Truck Driver / Cowboy #1

Bob Andrews

ICBM Guard

Lisa Cain

Cowgirl #2

Gerald Aleck Cantor

Customs Officer

Anthony Cecere

Nuclear Guard

Al Cerullo

Dauphin Pilot

Shirley Cina


David Cooper

Terrorist #1

Roy Milton Davis

Gunman #2

William De Nino

Cowboy #2

Daniel Dod

Construction Worker

Taylor E. Duncan

Limo Driver

Allen Duzak

Central Control Officer #1

Ned Eisenberg

Israeli Prisoner

Neela Eriksen

Cowgirl #3

Gary Fisher

Central Control Officer #2

Manfred Gschneider

Second Skier in Blue

Ron Harper

Head of CIA

Avind Harum

Terrorist #3

Jery Hewitt


Martin Höner


Al Israel

Gunman #1

Željko Ivanek

Bombmaker / Faux-Cleaning Lady

Jeffrey Jones

U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense

Audrey Johnston


Eugene Key

Remote Control Officer #1

Timothy Klein

Remote 8 Desk Officer (as Tim Klein)

Fritz Kroyer

Berlin Wall Jump

David Lipman

Israeli Defense Secretary

Lisa Dalton

Mudwrestler (as Lisa Loving)

Harry Madsen

State Trooper

Victor Magnotta


Lloyd Moss

Israeli Finance Minister

Edgard Mourino

Bar Patron

Artie Nay

Berlin High Fall

Matt Norklun

Console Officer #3

E. Ann Palmer

Lady Through Window

Jacques Perreault

'Roskov' Skier in Blue

Raphael Pollock

Nigh Clerk

Sandy Richman

Cowgirl #1

Jason Robards III

Terrorist #2

Tanya Russell

Old Lady

Rebecca Schull

Israeli Undersecretary of Agriculture

Reuben Singer

Israeli Prime Minister

Stratton Walling

U.S. Secretary of Defense

Deborah Watkins

Woman #1

Tom Wright

Faux Businessman

Travis Young

Israeli Desk Officer

George Strait

Himself - Country Singer in Bar

Jack Pruett

Russian Spy

David Cooper

Terrorist #1

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