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Movies about Demons, Occult and Supernatural

The horror genre contains numerous subcategories. If you're terrified yet fascinated by esoteric films, evil forces, demons and phenomena that elude rational explanation, no doubt you'll have fun with this list of hundreds of films on the occult and supernatural. Filsters enable you to search for films featuring possessions, cursed artifacts or witches. As if this wasn't enough, you can also browse through the pages on Ghosts and Entities.

The best supernatural horror movies

The area of supernatural horror cinema is a truly vast world, and it includes all works, that present phantasmatic, unrealistic and irrational elements. For the sake of completeness it is fair to say that films about presences and ghosts, as well as monster films, that would have full rights of being included in this section, have been listed in a specific page. This very broad range of issues includes many disparate films which have been listed: “classic” films on demons (like Rosemary's Baby or The Exorcist, just to mention two milestones), sophisticated ghost stories in black and white (The Innocents), more modern works such as The Conjuring saga, and more, mysterious and elusive stories like Picnic at Hanging Rock or cornerstones of modern horror history such as The Ring or The Evil Dead, with their various sequels and remakes. The list is organized by release date (from the newest to the oldest) but selecting the ordering “by rating”, we can take a look at films with the highest evaluations: sometimes many unknown titles, although noteworthy, can emerge.

Occult films: from the best ever to the most recent ones

If the theme of the occult makes you think about black masses, sacrifices and devil worshippers, you should focus attention on the subcategory dedicated to satanic cults: there you can find the great films on this theme, like The Wicker Man, The Omen and Society. Among the newest films about Satanism and demonic cults there are Regression, Dark Places and the interesting (although not properly horror) Devil's Knot. A suggestion about something that is not much known? Let’s try Kill List, a creepy low-budget thriller by the English Ben Weathley!

“It” and the others: the recent most effective horror supernatural movies. And in 2018 “Hereditary”

The demoniac clown squirmed out of Stephen King’s brain (already seen in the well-known mini-series in 1992) perfectly embodies the concept of supernatural horror. To keep him company, in the list of recent films about evil forces, there are Bedeviled (umpteenth variation on the theme of technological horror and linked to the network), The Nun and The Autopsy of Jane Doe. The production, in recent times, has become pretty vast, and even though quality does not always live up to expectations there have been many films, that have left a mark: among the films of the last few years that must be taken into account there are certainly Ouija: Origin of Evil, Hereditary and Happy Death Day. Something less mainstream? Let’s try It Follows, The Witch or The Wailing!

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The Fall of the House of Usher

La Chute de la maison Usher

  • 6,7

Demons, Occult and Supernatural

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Das Wachsfigurenkabinett

  • 7,0

Demons, Occult and Supernatural

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The Hands of Orlac

Orlacs Hände

  • 7,3

Demons, Occult and Supernatural

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Leaves from Satan's Book

Blade af Satans Bog

  • 7,0

Possessions and Exorcisms

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