100% Wolf (2020)

Alexs Stadermann
Alexia Gates-Foale, Barbara Stephen
Ilai Swindells, Jai Courtney, Samara Weaving, Rhys Darby, Jane Lynch, Rupert Degas, Magda Szubanski, Akmal Saleh, Sarah Rose Harper, Michael Bourchier, Kate Hall, Adriane Daff, Liam Graham, Loren Gray

Movie plot

Freddy Lupin, heir to a proud family line of werewolves, is in for a shock when on his 14th birthday his first 'warfing' goes awry, turning him into a ferocious poodle.

Quels sont les thèmes abordés dans le film 100% Wolf?

100% Wolf is a movie about Adolescence and Teenagers, Werewolves, Wolves.


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