Arcibel's Game

Arcibel's Game (2003)

Original title:
El juego de Arcibel
Alberto Lecchi, Alberto Lecchi
Darío Grandinetti, Diego Torres, Diego Torres, Juan Echanove, Juan Diego, Rebecca Cobos, Vladimir Cruz, Enrique Quinones, Alejandro Trejo, Gabriel Rovito, Carmen Disa Gutiérrez, José Palomino

Movie plot

A chess columnist ends in prison when one of his columns is mistakenly seen as a subversive attack. From there he invents a game of war and strategy and a cellmate who escapes uses it initiating a real revolution.

What is the movie Arcibel's Game about?

Arcibel's Game is a movie about Prison and Detention, Totalitarianisms and Dictatorships, Chess, Journalism.

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