Well-known writer Ettore takes his family on a mountain chalet getaway for his birthday, in an effort to create a bond between his two sons, Claudio and Giulio, and his second wife, Margherita.

Giovanni is a famous life coach who claims he can make any desire come true. One day he announces a competition in which three people dissatisfied with their lives will win the chance to be followed by him for six months.

Giulia is 30, single and working a high-end fashion job that allows her to travel and lead a dream life in Milan and Paris.

Several actors are members of a amateur soccer team. They followed in their preparations for a particular audition and in their personal life.

Francesco is a psychoanalyst grappling with three hopeless causes: a bookseller in love with a book thief, a lesbian hell-bent on becoming straight after a heartbreak, and an 18-year-old in a relationship with a much older married man.

Un potente uomo di mezza età, nonostante la ricchezza, soffre enormemente la propria solitudine. Per le feste natalizie decide così di assumere una troupe di attori per interpretare la famiglia perfetta che ha sempre sognato di avere.

Four different stories about italian football team’s supporter.

Clashing with his father Paolo after coming home late, 17-year-old Marco accuses him of being old and stifling. They time travel to the 1960s, where Paolo will be able to prove to his son he too was cool.

Two Italians are on holiday in Aspen in Colorado. The first one is Lorenzo whose daughter is crazy about Luke Perry (Beverly Hills 90210 actor) and wants to meet him at all costs.

Chronicle of the dark maneuvers put into practice by a politician to seize an opposition newspaper. A Lebanese terrorist receives the order to kill a stockbroker, which triggers a series of blackmail and deception.

Three episodes held together by a common element: a car rented by three different characters.

In Rome a man needing money become a transvestite prostitute.

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