Dead Air (2009)

Kenny Yakkel
Corbin Bernsen
Corbin Bernsen, Jesse Lawler, Collin Bernsen, Chris Aronoff
Bill Moseley, Corbin Bernsen, Patricia Tallman, David Moscow, Elle Travis, Lakshmi Manchu, Joshua Feinman, Federico Dordei, Dan Lauria, Jeanne Cooper, Herzl Tobey, Larry Drake, Navid Negahban, Anthony Ray Parker, Haley Pullos, ... Show all

Movie plot

Logan Burnhardt is the ego-king of the airwaves, but his unflappable persona is put to the test when a terrorist bio-attack unleashes a plague of flesh-ripping maniacs on Los Angeles.

Quels sont les thèmes abordés dans le film Dead Air?

Dead Air is a movie about Radio, Zombies.


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