Heroic Losers

Heroic Losers (2019)

Original title:
La odisea de los giles
Fernando Bovaira, Simón de Santiago, Ricardo Darín, Hugo Sigman, Federico Posternak, Axel Kuschevatzky, Chino Darín, Leticia Cristi, Matías Mosteirín
Sebastián Borensztein, Eduardo Sacheri
Sebastián Borensztein
Ricardo Darín, Luis Brandoni, Chino Darín, Verónica Llinás, Daniel Aráoz, Carlos Belloso, Rita Cortese, Andrés Parra, Marco Antonio Caponi, Guillermo Jacubowicz, Alejandro Gigena, Ailín Zaninovich, Luciano Cazaux, Federico Berón

Movie plot

In a town in the Northwest of the province of Buenos Aires, a group of neighbors is organized to recover the economy of the area, but when the corralito is implemented in the country and they suffer a fraud, their hopes disappear.

What is the movie Heroic Losers about?

Heroic Losers is a movie about Robberies and Thefts, Swindles, Con Artists, Scam and Economic Crimes.


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