Love One Another (1922)

Original title:
Die Gezeichneten
Carl Th. Dreyer
Adele Reuter-Eichberg, Vladimir Gajdarov, Polina Piekowskaja, Johannes Meyer, Thorleif Reiss, Sylvia Torf, Richard Boleslawski, Hugo Döblin, J.N. Douvan-Tarzow, Ivan Bulatov, Mikhail Chernov, Elisabeth Pinajeff, Emmy Wyda, M. Hoch Pinnova, Friedrich Kühne, ... Show all

Movie plot

Based on the novel 'Elsker hverandre' by Aage Madelung, the film follows various lives, one of which is Jewish girl Hanne-Liebe, as she grows up, and experiences the pains of living as a Jew in Russia, leading to a revolution.

Quels sont les thèmes abordés dans le film Love One Another?

Love One Another is a movie about Anti-Semitism, Russian Revolution.

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